Claire Lune

Smudge and Decorative Dish

€200,00 EUR

This ritual dish combines unique aesthetics with functionality, resulting in a piece of home décor that can be both displayed as a piece of interior decor on its own as well as be included in your daily rituals.

It is sold as a ritual kit, thought to help you clear and balance your own energy and that of your domestic environment. This uniquely curated kit includes a beautiful piece of ethically sourced, raw Tourmaline and an organic smudge stick of white sage.

In crystal therapy, Tourmaline is one of the most powerful stones with the ability to balance our emotions as well as the masculine and feminine energies inside our bodies, making it an excellent harmoniser. In addition, Tourmaline can help us feel grounded and therefore is a trusted ally in times of stress and transformation. It is a wonderful protective crystal, perfect for anyone working in the healing world and in public in general. 

Traditionally, Indigenous peoples of the Americas used to perform smudging rituals burning white sage for its purifying properties, among many others. Burning white sage can improve our mood, reduce levels of stress and anxiety and establish a more positive domestic environment. It can also increase our overall levels of awareness and intuition skills. 

Inspired by the idea that beauty encourages presence and intentionality, take a moment to interact with this piece of functional art and to really feel how you intuitively wish to use it. 

Some ideas of use: smudge stick/palo santo burner, card holder, crystal holder.

Technical info: one-of-a-kind decorative dish. Stoneware. Matte, white glaze. The textured surface is below. Approx. 16cmx16cmx4cm(H)

(Please be aware that if in direct contact with fire, ceramics can develop stains. In most cases they can be fixed with water or gentle hand soup. Nonetheless, it is preferable to avoid direct contact with fire or burning wood/foliage). 

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