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ceramic pieces for Daily rituals

"Cultivate a poetic attitude towards life by being a vessel of beauty. Look at rituals as occasions to go inward, to access your intuition. To synchronise with the natural rhythm of life and to create beauty within the space of your own silence."

Rituals can promote calm and mindfulness. They can harmonise the energy in our domestic space and support us in times of emotional and physical turmoil. Each item within this collection is a piece of functional art. It combines aesthetics and functionality in an attempt to be a catalyst for mindfulness and presence, contributing to elevating any daily ritual into a moment of contemplation.

Ritual Kits: every object (incense burner, smudge holder, ritual dish, etc.) is also available as part of a Ritual Kit, including respectively high-quality incense, crystals and smudge sticks. See each product page for further details.

Ceramic smudge dish. Handmade ceramic trinket dish. Accessories for daily rituals. Smudging. Claire Lune.


create a contemplative space with one of a kind

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