In 2018 Chiara Della Santina founded Claire Lune, a brand of original artworks inspired by an idea of home décor that approaches mindfulness and daily rituals in a new way. Within this view, ritual pieces - incense burners, smudge stick holders, etc. - are designed to be part of your interior décor. On the other hand, decorative objects - sculptures, vases and wall art pieces - are thought to become part of your daily rituals as well. Chiara’s creations can be seen as gentle reminders and tools to slow down and to reclaim a dimension of rituality in everyday life, while also being an encouragement to engage and to be creative with our surroundings.

"By adding art and beauty to our mindful moments and daily routines, we can awaken the archetype of the artist that resides within our hearts and in doing so we can develop a creative attitude towards life. By treating our home as a sacred space it also becomes easier to create small moments of silence every day, cultivating an attitude of acceptance and gratitude towards life. Through my works, I hope to bring into the world unique objects that can help you elevate the mundane into a daily spiritual practice."



Chiara Della Santina

Born in Orbetello in 1986, Chiara Della Santina is a self-taught artist, working primarily in ceramics and abstract painting. She spent her formative years studying and working in Florence, Dublin and London until 2015 when she decided to move back to her hometown in south Tuscany, where she works from her home-studio in the countryside.

The foundation of her creative practice is an exploration of silence, intuition, movement and breath. Chiara favours traditional techniques - pinching, coiling, slab building and only rarely wheel throwing - that allow her to tune in with her intuition and at the same time provide her with a high level of control. Given the mindful and slow approach to her craft, her creations evolve and change organically, giving birth to pieces that are the result of the interaction between her inner world and the outer world.

Her production in ceramics consists mostly of high-fired stoneware and porcelain pieces, released as small series or as one-of-a-kind pieces. Her abstract paintings, on the other hand, consist of intuitive ink brushstrokes on handmade paper and acrylics on canvas.


"The name Claire Lune is an homage to the archetype of the Full Moon and her ability to clarify, illuminate that which is normally hidden. Unknown. Inaccessible to our conscious mind and that which, in my case, is a primary source of inspiration."

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There is increasing evidence that slowing down and being more mindful is necessary if we want to write a new paradigm in which we live a healthier, more inspired and more balanced life. A new definition of spirituality is also taking place all around the world, which is resulting in more and more people having the need to create a dedicated space for their daily rituals, directly in their homes. The widespread of meditation rooms and the increase in the demand for ritual objects are further proof of this new trend. I strongly believe in the power of rituals and that anything can become a ritual in its own right if done with the right intention.

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