Since its birth as a brand of functional, handmade ceramics in 2018, Claire Lune has evolved into a broader artistic project where Chiara Della Santina shares her ceramic works and paintings and advocates for a more inspired, intentional and slow approach to everyday living and home décor. Chiara’s creations can be seen as gentle reminders to slow down and as tools to reclaim a dimension of rituality in everyday life, while also being an encouragement to engage and be creative with our surroundings.

"Through my works, I hope to bring into the world unique objects that can help you elevate the mundane into a daily spiritual practice, by creating beauty as well as moments of poetry and presence in your everyday life."



Chiara Della Santina

Born in Orbetello in 1986, Chiara Della Santina is a self-taught artist, working primarily in ceramics and abstract painting. She spent her formative years studying and working in Florence, Dublin and London until in 2015 she decided to move back to her hometown in south Tuscany, where she works from her home-studio in the countryside.

The foundation of her creative practice is an exploration of silence, intuition, movement and breath. In a constant strive for harmony and creative honesty, Chiara favours traditional techniques that allow, on one hand, immediacy and intuition and, on the other hand, a high level of control. Given the mindful and slow approach to her craft, her creations evolve and change organically, sometimes resulting in a completely different outcome from the original design.

Her production in ceramics consists mostly of high-fired stoneware and porcelain pieces, released as small series or as one-of-a-kind pieces. Her abstract paintings, on the other hand, consist of intuitive ink brushstrokes on handmade paper and acrylics on canvas.

Chiara Della Santina founder of Claire Lune.



"The name Claire Lune is an homage to the archetype of the Full Moon and her ability to clarify, illuminate that which is normally hidden. Unknown. Inaccessible to our conscious mind and that which, in my case, is a primary source of inspiration."

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Nowadays it’s time that we redefine the guidelines that inform the way we live in order to prioritise slowing down, being more mindful, creative and aiming for quality over quantity. In order to do so, it’s important that we start from ourselves and from our most proximate space: "OUR HOME"

Claire Lune's production of home décor pieces and handmade ceramics is thought to help you, on one hand, style your home more mindfully and intentionally and, on the other hand, to turn your daily meditative practices and rituals into occasions to express yourself creatively and to create moments of ephemeral beauty.

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