Chiara Della Santina

Born in Orbetello in 1986, Chiara Della Santina is a multidisciplinary self-taught artist, working primarily in ceramics and visual arts.

The encounter with the teachings of the Tao in her late teenage years opened the way to a life-long journey in self-enquiry, which also influenced her lifestyle and permeates her aesthetics and creative expression.

For over 10 years Chiara travelled and lived between Florence, Dublin and London. She studied in one of the most multicultural European universities and immersed herself in traditional as well as contemporary art and culture. These experiences encouraged her to question her inherited cultural background and broadened her understanding of life and of her sense of self.

Having had first-hand experience of how one's environment and social customs influence one's experience of life, over the years Chiara started to look at meditation and daily rituals as powerful tools to feel grounded and at home in one's own silence. In a time where everything and everyone pushes us to increase the pace and to numb our senses, slowing down and practising an attitude of gratitude towards the present moment can be a catalyst for social, political and cultural change.


Claire Lune was born in 2018, from the desire to combine art and rituals on the assumption that a poetic attitude towards life can promote mindfulness and open the way towards spirituality. By breaking the barriers between art and design, aesthetics and functionality, spirituality and materialism, ritual pieces - incense burners, smudge stick holders, etc. - can be at the same time functional objects and artistic pieces, designed to elevate stillness in interior spaces. On the other hand, decorative objects - sculptures, vases and wall art pieces - can also take on a ritualistic dimension and contribute to creating a contemplative atmosphere.



"The name Claire Lune is an homage to the archetype of the Full Moon and her ability to clarify, illuminate that which is normally hidden. Unknown. Inaccessible to our conscious mind and that which, in my case, is a primary source of inspiration."

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Treat your home like your sanctuary

There is increasing evidence that slowing down and being more mindful is necessary if we want to write a new paradigm in which we live a healthier, more inspired and more balanced life. A new definition of spirituality is also taking place all around the world, which is resulting in more and more people having the need to create a dedicated space for their daily rituals, directly in their homes. The widespread of meditation rooms and the increase in the demand for ritual objects are further proof of this new trend.

"No matter what you're doing, you can choose to do it with your full presence, with mindfulness and concentration; and your action becomes a spiritual practice". – Thich Nhat Hanh

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