"Claire Lune" ceramics series

Every year, I release a small selection of limited series of handmade ceramics. They can include home décor pieces like sculptures and vases, as well as fine art accessories for your daily rituals and practices.

Most of my series are born from intuition and moments of introspection. Some, on the other hand, can be the result of a study of forms and techniques, in a quest to explore matter as a universal means of communication.

Moon incense burners. Fine art ceramics by Chiara Della Santina. New moon and full moon incense burners. Ceramic incense burners. Handmade incense burners. Ceramics handmade in Tuscany.

Latest series

Chiara Della Santina making custom ceramics in her ceramic studio in Tuscany. Ceramic artist Chiara Della Santina.

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You like one of my ceramic pieces and would like to request a customised version of it for your home? You run a holistic business and you are looking for unique ritual objects to curate your customers experience on your next retreat or elevate your offer all around? I am always happy to work together to create the perfect pieces for you.

Discover how you can request your bespoke ceramics or simply send in your enquiry here. I will reply as soon as possible.


A selection of past & best-sellers designs is always available for PRE-ORDER.

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