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In my Bespoke Service, I combine your requests with my style and creative approach in order to create a piece of custom ceramics that is truly unique and answers your very own demands. Would you like to own a handmade, bespoke piece of ceramics that elevates your daily rituals in a way that is unique to you? Are you looking for a piece of home dècor that is designed around you and your home? Are you a business owner looking for a collaboration? These are just a few examples of ways in which we could work together.

Bespoke ceramics by Chiara Della Santina. Handmade ceramics made in Italy as bespoke orders. Custom ceramic pieces by Claire Lune.


In order to be able to understand the specifics of your request and assess its feasibility, I will first invite you on a free introductory call where we can get to know each other and discuss the specifics of your enquiry. I will then provide you with a plan, starting from the actual design all the way to consignment. As soon as I have all the info that I need from you, I will provide you with an estimate of both costs and lead times for your project. Once I receive your confirmation, I will start working for you and keep you updated along the way.

Handmade espresso cups. Ceramic cups. Black and white ceramic cups.

- Example of a bespoke design -

"Intuitive brush stroke" espresso cups

My client contacted me for a bespoke set of espresso cups, featuring one of my intuitive brush strokes from my collection of artworks. Based on their instructions, I firstly created a custom shape for the cup. I then worked on the brush stroke style, which was inspired by a specific feeling that my client wanted me to capture with it. The final result was a set of six espresso cups and this is one example. This original artwork (ink on watercolour paper), was also included in the final delivery of the project.

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