Claire Lune

"Silenzio" espresso cup

€45,00 EUR

"Silenzio" means silence. The inspiration behind this series of ceramic cups is that of turning a daily habit as simple as drinking a cup of espresso into a ritual to come back to ourselves. An occasion to intentionally enjoy a moment of silence, around and within ourselves. 

Each cup is handmade individually and the organic surface is the result of pressure motions applied intuitively. No two pieces look exactly the same. 

Technical info: High temperature stoneware, fired in electric kiln. The groggy clay used to make these cups results in an organic, textured surface that activates our sense of touch when holding these cups. Glazed in a warm dark brown/black glazes. Food safe. Hand washing is highly recommended on this surface.

Lead times: starting from 3-4weeks. No minimum order required. Since this is a custom made product, the item you will receive will present minor differences from the pictures. Lead times will vary depending on quantitiesFor orders higher than 10 pieces, please contact me directly for accurate estimates and lead times.

(NOTE: although dishwasher safe, it is always advisable to hand wash your handmade ceramics in order to preserve the glazes and avoid accidental chipping). 

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