Claire Lune

"Nomad Luna" - White Incense Burner (small/travel size)

$86.00 USD

This fine art incense burner is a smaller, travel-size version of "Nomad Luna" white incense burner. It's an original piece of home décor, designed to invite you to slow down and create elegant home rituals around the lunar phases of the Moon. [Available also in the New Moon version]. Originally designed for a group of women attending an exclusive retreat in the Moroccan desert, "Nomad Luna" incense burner has quickly become one of Claire Lune's mostly requested pieces. If you are someone who pays attention to the different phases of the moon in your practice, you will appreciate how this unique incense burner will allow you to adapt your rituals to these two energetically pivotal moments of the month. Handmade with high quality, white stoneware, this piece presents a charming, textured surface that has been left unglazed as a symbolic reference to the rough surface of the moon. Its delicate, circular shape, on the other hand, adds a touch of unique elegance and delicacy to the piece, as a way to celebrate the feminine archetype.

This incense burner can be purchased alone or as a ritual kit, with a complimentary set of natural incense sticks, individually handmade, with pure incense oils, organic and a guarantee of non toxicity. Just choose the option you prefer from the dropdown menu below. You will find more specific information about the incense that I chose for you in the specific kit that you will receive. (Incense sticks may look different from the ones displayed in this picture).

Technical info: White stoneware. Unglazed. Hand-built. One-of-a-kind piece. High-fired in electric kiln. Approx. 7cm 

(NOTE: Specifically designed to be used with incense sticks. If in direct contact with a flame or burning incense, the unglazed surface of this piece can develop a stain, usually removable with gentle sandpaper. In order to prevent this, make sure that the tip of the incense stick, when lit, doesn't touch directly the surface of the incense burner at any time).  

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