Claire Lune

"Orīgo I" - Sculptural Incense Burner

€160,00 EUR

This ceramic incense burner is a small sculptural piece of home décor, designed to invite you to slow down and create beauty around the simple act of burning incense.

The inspiration behind this design is the feminine archetype of hostess of life. The soft, sinuous lines symbolise femininity and fertility. The cavity at the centre of the piece represents the void from which every new creation is born. Symbol of endless possibilities and of the unknown depths of life. Finally, the sphere lying in the middle, is a representation of new life and is inspired by the iconography of the pearl, perfect , precious and all encompassing in its spherical shape.

This incense burner can be purchased alone or as a ritual kit, with a complimentary set of natural incense sticks, individually handmade, with pure incense oils, organic and a guarantee of non toxicity. Just choose the right option from the dropdown menu below.

In the many years that I've been using incenses in my daily rituals, I was always looking for the best quality in order to have the best and safest experience possible. Based on my experience, I like to change the type of incense sticks included in the kit, according to what I feel may be the best scent for that time of the year. You will find more specific information about the incense that I chose for you in the specific kit that you will receive. (Incense sticks may look different from the ones displayed in this picture).

Technical info: White stoneware. White, structured, matte glaze. Hand-built. One-of-a-kind piece. High-fired in electric kiln. Approx. 9cm(H) x 11cm(W) 

(NOTE: Specifically designed to be used with incense sticks. Do not use with incense cones or they may leave a stain on the surface, right under the base of the cone).   

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