Claire Lune x La Roqqa

Exclusive collection of Claire Lune ritual objects now available inside the boutique of La Roqqa, luxury hotel in the charming town of Porto Ercole, Italy.


"Aequilibrium x La Roqqa"(black) incense burner
"Aequilibrium" (Latin word for "balance") is an artistic incense burner representing the concept of harmony and balance. In particular, "Aequilibrium x La Roqqa" is an exclusive interpretation of the original design, this time combining elements of the local ancient history and coastal landscape.

The two shapes, the circle and the square, represent respectively the spiritual and the material world and together they evoke the concept of balance between the two. In addition to this, the spheric stick holder is designed with the intention to make this an interactive object, encouraging the user to create a moment of stillness and elevate the sensorial experience of burning incense into a moment of mindful presence.

Aequilibrium incense burner. Limited edition for La Roqqa hotel
"Aequilibrium x La Roqqa"(white) incense burner
Aequilibrium x La Roqqa Incense burner
"Le Viste" (black) ritual dish

This decorative plate celebrates the charming textures of the sea rocks and coastline of the bays surrounding "La Roqqa" properties and Monte Argentario. The unique texture of the base of the dish is obtained through the repetition and juxtaposition of intentional carvings that leave sharp marks, resembling those left by the constant and powerful crushing of the waves on the local rocky bays.

The complementary cobble is sourced locally and represents a desire to include and celebrate the natural elements of the local landscape, creating a metaphorical bond with the territory. It can be used both as a decorative object and as a functional accessory to support smudging sticks. Finally, the copper decoration on the stone was conceived with the intention to elevate this natural element to a totemic dimension.

Le Viste ritual dish. Luxury ceramic dish. Decorative dish with stone art and smudge stick.
Detail of texture on ceramic decorative dish Le Viste.
"Le Viste" (white) ritual dish
Le Viste ritual dish. Decorative dish for home rituals with stone artwork and smudge stick.
Detail of texture on Le Viste ritual dish
"Moon on the Mediterranean" essential oil diffuser

The design of this scent diffuser is an interpretation of the view of the moon hovering over the "Isolotto" island and the Mediterranean sea. The surface of the sphere, which represents the moon, shows an organic texture obtained through the impression of cobbles and small limestone rocks, sourced on the local coastline. This choice was inspired by the desire to create an indissoluble bond with the territory. The decision to leave the sphere loose instead of fixed to the base encourages the user to have an intuitive interaction with this piece of functional art, evoking a sense of stillness and elevating the sensorial experience of diffusing scent into a moment of quiet contemplation.

Moon on the Mediterranean essential oil diffuser

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