Example of a Bespoke Ritual Kit for a brand

In this article I am going to share with you the process behind the realisation of a bespoke ritual kit.

Specifically, I will take you through the experience of creating a bespoke kit for Katherine Suarez, business mentor and founder of Nomad Atelier.

A brief introduction about Katherine Suarez and what she does

Katherine Suarez is a business mentor and brand strategist working mostly with women entrepreneurs from all over Europe and the US. As part of her services, Katherine offers luxury retreats in exclusive locations around the world. She curates her events with a very personal touch and part of this entails welcoming her clients with a unique gift or set of gifts that she carefully selects, based on the theme of the retreat and its location. Last spring, Katherine was working on an event that she was going to hold in June in the gorgeous island of Páros, Greece. 

Some insight on the design process

When she came to me, Katherine had already an idea in mind but she wanted to complement it with a bespoke ritual object, designed specifically for the guests on her retreat. After a quick call together where we laid out all the specifics of the project, we opted for a travel-size incense burner. 

On this particular occasion, the opportunity to collaborate with another small brand presented itself. In fact, Katherine was already in touch with Emma Leafe, the founder of Ume, a small brand based in the Uk, specialising in premium grade natural incense sticks. Together, the three of us had a couple of online meetings where we we discussed about the inspiration behind the kit, worked on all the details and practicalities of the project and made sure that everything in the final design would be in line with Katherine's vision.

The final kit included:

- an artistic incense burner made up of a one-of-a-kind ceramic dish and a brass dome stick holder by Ume;

- a set of multiple fragrances of incense by Ume;

- two miniatures of artworks: Emma's calligraphy cards and an original ink brushstroke by me, which each client could frame and hang in their home.

The themes that inspired the overall design of the ritual kit were:

- sea landscapes and textures;

- femininity;

- flow;

- self-care;

- rituals;

- intuition;

- sensorial engagement.

Final product

luxury incense burner. White incense burner with brass incense holder. Luxury ritual kits for retreats and unique gifts.
Bespoke Ritual Kit
Bespoke ritual kit with abstract brush stroke
Bespoke incense burner and ritual kit in collaboration with Ume incense and Nomad Atelier
Nomad Atelier Katherine Suarez holding Claire Lune's bespoke incense holder

 [photo credits Beatrice Della Volpe]

What one of Katherine's clients had to say about the kit: 

"[...] it was such a lovely surprise to receive your beautiful handmade ceramic plate during my stay in Greece. I love the rawness and texture together with the piece from Ume which is sleek and design-like. I am happy to carry this little treasure around with me during my travels!" - Emilie


How can you request a bespoke ritual kit?

To request your own bespoke ritual kit, use this contact form to send in your request. We will schedule a free, introductory call where we can get to know each other and discuss the specifics of your request. 

Chiara Della Santina


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