Claire Lune

"Aequilibrium" - Black Stoneware Incense Burner

€160,00 EUR

"Aequilibrium" (Latin for "balance") is a unique incense burner that symbolises the concept of harmony and balance, both in its shape and in the way it works. Aesthetically, this incense burner combines two shapes, the circle and the square, which together represent the harmony between the spiritual and the material world. From a functional point of view, the concept of balance is also represented by the act of balancing the sphere so that it doesn't roll away and hold the incense stick in place. 

My idea with this incense burner was to create an object that would encourage you to interact with it in a way that would require you to slow down, focus on your breathing and move in a mindful way. 

Technical info: Black stoneware fired in oxidation. Unglazed, except for the white detail, which is glazed in a velvety white glaze. Both the surface of the sphere and the square present irregularities which are intentionally part of the design and functional to balancing the sphere more easily. 

This incense burner can be purchased alone or as a ritual kit, with a complimentary set of 50 Japanese incense sticks. Just choose the option that you prefer from the dropdown menu below. In the many years that I've been using incenses in my daily rituals, I was always looking for the best quality in order to have the best and safest experience possible. Based on my experience, I like to change the type of incense sticks included in the kit, according to what I feel may be the best scent for that time of the year. You will find more specific information about the incense that I chose for you in the specific kit that you will receive. (Incense sticks may look different from the ones displayed in this picture).

Notes: Best used with Japanese incense sticks (like the one in the picture or the ones provided in the Ritual Kit version),  both for their lighter weight and inferior length compared to regular incense sticks, which makes it easier to balance the sphere. 

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